Come and discover Reiki during only 20 minutes. Individual session. Opportunity to ask for any question and total new experiment.
–   20 minutes = 20 €


The regular treatment is excellent for the relaxation, the let–go, to give-up the anxiety and to simply balance ourselves.
One session is a serie of standard or intuitive positions of hands on your body by the practitioner, letting Reiki work and flow through the hands palm.
What is usually experienced is a deep physical enhancement, an improvement of our emotional state, even spirituality.
However, our experience is unique, each of us could experiment the Reiki uniqueness and it will obviously depend upon your general state.
A serie of 3 to 5 treatments is required to ameliorate a chronic pain, whatever is the seriousness, and following the medical consultation.

While most of the persons receiving Reiki, during a one hour session, are feeling good and relaxed, some start a detoxification: the body response to let go the toxins to set up the healing process.
This can happen when the body was neglected for a too long term or the original problem was denied.
It is important to notice it in order to be aware of the process that is under way.

–   One hour session, at the practice costs 60€
–   at your place, bringing the Reiki table, there will be a supplement from 15€ to 30€, upon the journey.
–   A serie of 3 to 5 sessions costs 150€ to 250€.

                 Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.
                 ~ Seneque


Should you be in a serious crisis and after a medical consultation, you would like to be pain relieved, call us! We will come, within the hour and within our possibilities.
We propose this to enlighten the pain and give a kick to your healing process. Reiki does not replace any prescribed medicine, it is an adjunctive therapy to help and reinforce your physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

                 Give us a call at 0472.66.47.49, we come and journey across the whole country.