Since 2013, Arielle Benadi, practices and teaches Reiki; taught by Elaine Grundy in Singapore.
From European education, a citizen of the world, Arielle has been working in many fields. The Reiki discovery as a self–treatment, a well–being, a way of life, has led her to the practice as a professional and to hand over the experience and knowledge acquired for the highest good.
In November 2016, she has launched her own practice in Saint–Gilles, Brussels and associate herself with SmartBe (activity 21331).
The final objective is to create the centre for a prosperous Reiki Community, where we can share and grow all together.



We offer the traditional treatment to anyone looking for well–being and a state of body relaxation, mind and peace in heart.
Also we have started what we call 'the chain of help', to come and help others if there is an immediate need.

There is no beauty in sadness. There is no honour in suffering.
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Should you be healthy, young in age, or not at all, our courses are especially designed to anybody from 7 to 77 years and much more…

We start to age when we endup learning.
~ Japanese Proverb

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Come and join us, we offer many Reiki activities during the month:

–   Reiki Lunch and Talk
–   Reiki Share
–   Courses

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