In this Reiki lineage, there are six levels:

Reiki is an energy healing therapy, it cares at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.
One way to view at Reiki 3 first levels of learning is to cover those three essential state.
By learning and practice, you can treat yourself and any other living soul to the healing path in life.
From the fourth level, you receive the tools to teach Reiki and rise a new generation of Reiki practitionners, you'll enter the 11th; generation!

Reiki 1

Reiki 1 is the first level, the basic one, where you'll definetly be connected to Reiki. We call it the definite attunement.
It is the ideal course for one who wishes to rise her/his own energy and to drastically reduce stress. Easily transmitted, the Reiki use is to practice on daily basis.
Anyone, really anyone, can learn and use Reiki.
We train you in the traditional Reiki Usui / Hayashi / Takata practice with a basic training and pragmatic examples, leading you to question / response.

The workshop lasts for two consecutive days. It is a way to start your healing path in life; whether you intend to …or not!


–   Introduction to the Unversal Energy Reiki
–   Chakra system and their balancing
–   Reiki treatment
–   treatment to others
–   Reiki general use
–   Reiki history
–   Reiki principles
–   Reiki levels

The course includes the 4 attunements that definetly connects you to Reiki, the booklet to refer to and lunch.

Price 250€. From 4 up to 8 persons maximum.

to be paid prior to the course, no refundable.

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Reiki 2

The second level is reachable after a minimum of 3 months from the initiation; assuming you've followed the Reiki 1 level in this school.
The respect of regularly practicing is required, in order for you to get to the next energy level.
Contrary to the first level, at the second level you call for more cerebral energy and therefore, the workshop could lead you to a serious exhaustion.

During this workshop, you'll be connected to upper level and will receive a second layer of attunements, as well as Reiki tools such as 3 symbols

–   The Strengh symbol that rise the Reiki flow and can be combined in other use of energy.
–   The Harmony symbol that facilitate the Reiki energy to embrace the surroundings for a better global healing.
i.e. houses, incidents and other energetic vibrations. It is also used ofr a better communication and rise the intuitive sense.
–   The Sending symbol is used like an international code to call foreign phones. This symbol is used to send Reiki to several distant elements. A distance that can be in a place or in time (past or future); it is a powerful tool to heal dramas, blocage and other incidents. It is an awesome tool for the personal growth as the practitioner can really reach the problem at its origin and start to heal it.


If you change your path/school/way to to use Reiki, it is part of your experience and we respect that.
However, changing form one way to another, maybe very similar, maybe not, the methodology, phylosophy, teaching and tools used change too.
This is why , we engage you to be initiate and start the path form the beginning.

Reiki 3

Reiki 3 is THE transformation and personal growth by essence and what a path! We usually call this level the Top of the others levels as it embraces the spiritual growth.
It is the final level as practitioner and not meant for teaching Reiki.
However, you can connect temporarily people by using the heart attunement.

The course includes :

–   The Master symbol and its use
–   The Practice of Heart attunement
–   The 21 minor Chakras connection
–   The professional care and transformation to the Master energy

As you can easily imagine, it is required to have accomplished the previous levels in the same lineage and a minimum of 9 months lapse time with the second level.
On top of it, some homework and meditations will be required to be able to reach the next level of energy and attend the course.

The Reiki Master Training

It is a training composed by three levels and is addressed to the ones who are in the transfer of knowledge path and are looking for the tools of Reiki transmission.

The Children Training

This course is especially designed for children between 7 and 12 – 13 years old with at least one parent initiated to Reiki.
Actually, the young one is looking for way of dealing with Reiki on a daily basis and find that response at home with a trusted person.
The course lasts 2 consecutive half – day; kids will receive the 4 attunements in order to be definetly connected.

Price 250€. From 4 up to 8 persons maximum.

to be paid prior to the course, no refundable.

The Senior Course

This training is especially designed for Seniors, in order to have a better and more appropriate way to respond to theuir needs.
Actually, they have a life long experience and have reached other levels in life.

Price 250€. From 4 up to 8 persons maximum.

to be paid prior to the course, no refundable.